About Yushan Chen

Yushan Chen grew up in Shenzhen China. She works as a freelance illustrator based in Queens, NY. Currently, she studies at School of Visual Arts in illustration major. She loves to make zines, patterns, and travel plans. She always wants to try something new.



>04 2017 Beautiful Loser at SVA Gallery



>2014-Present  School of Visual Arts.

>2010-2014  Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts  


Work Experience:

>07 2016-08 2016 She worked at Xiaoyan School of Art  as a Parttime Instructor

>05 2016-09 2016 She also taught at ACG(Art Creative Global) >09 2013-12 2013 She worked as a Manager Assistant at Beijing Zhong Shi Ling Zhi